Understanding eating disorders Understanding eating disorders

The Eating Disorders Association is now known as beat

The website can be found at www.b-eat.co.uk where you will find information, help and support for people affected by eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.

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Help for Young People

Youthline: 08456 347650

e-mail: fyp@b-eat.co.uk

TXT: 07786 20 18 20

Opening Hours:Mon Fri 4:00pm to 8:30pm and Sat 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Help for Adults

Helpline: 08456 341414

e-mail: help@b-eat.co.uk


Opening Hours:Mon Fri 10:30am to 8:30pm and Sat 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Office: 08707 703256 info@b-eat.co.uk